Feeding off the Lord

The Lord is doing so much in our fellowship this year! One thing that is loud and clear is that the Lord is speaking to us and we are hearing Him. This has been so rich since the beginning of this year, I can’t list all the ways. Corporately, together we continue to hear Him as He speaks to us, and then individually I keep getting reports of people who are learning how to and appreciating hearing Jesus. A few weeks ago the Lord directed us to fast for 5 days together. This year everything was aligned supernaturally. From the timing of the fast, to the place we were in scripture, to where everyone was in their lives. We usually end the fast with a feast at the Church at which feast I’ll read a portion of scripture, we sing to the Lord and thank Him for “desiring His word more than our necessary food.” What Γö¼├íwe heard from the Lord and His word we digested like Ezekiel was told to “eat the scroll”, and John was told to “eat the little book.” This year I read Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the Temple. We read it as though we were dedicating our Temple’s (individually and corporately, one body, one temple) to Jesus. The week was one of consecration, and also purging was many of us confessed our sins before the Lord, and God worked brokenness, humility. So many experienced the promise, “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.”Γö¼├íIf you are interested in fasting “God’s Chosen Fast” by Arthur Wallis. So much of what people shared was so good, I thought I would have them submit their experience to my secretary anonymously and I would post them here. So here is a short list of what fruit was produced in lives as they fasted. Maranatha!


Started my fast of broth and water on Monday. On Tuesday one of my close friends called me to ask about the rapture. I had a chance to share a lot of scriptures and tell her about the order of the rapture then the great tribulation then the second coming and then the 1,000 year Millennium. Jesus really planted some good seeds. On Wednesday I got together with my sister and she never talks about the Lord. This day she did! We talked about the rapture and she told me that she still had the Lord in her life but not as intense as me, PTL! On Thursday I was volunteering in our community library in the evening and one of the women who lives there came in to help me. We worked together very well. Towards the end she blew me away by asking me what does it mean to be born again? I shared with her and planted more seeds. I guess the Lord uses you more when you totally give yourself to Him, denying the world. PTL! – Female 59


So far he’s shown me how much more time I have the closer I keep to him during the day than when I let things of the world occupy my times, e.g. gaming, movies/hulu/Netflix. That “stuff” just is so not appealing as a time filler right now. So far I’m getting more time in the word, in prayer, with my kids, with my wife, doing stuff around the house I’ve wanted to but never felt like I had the time before. I was actually surprised of the affects of the fast this year after it had ended. Don’t know about you, but it definitely was a lot more intense at the end than the beginning for me, like you said that Wednesday those first three days flew by with relative ease, then growth really started happening in my heart. When it was over, I longed for that closeness with Jesus from the week prior. Remembering the constant hunger pains that drove me to prayer and reading the word more frequently for my fulfillment. I want to make it a more regular part of my walk/life instead of just hard decision time or corporate fasting. That is what I really walked away with at the end of it all. – Male 33


I have not lived a life pleasing to God. Nor have I been a worthy spiritual leader in my house to my wife. God is gracious and compassionate. I confessed to a brother in the Lord and to God that I don’t want to live that way anymore. I was shown that I have opportunity for a fresh start with the Church and with God. I am ready to serve and give God the glory for whatever he has for me in His will. – Male 58


#1 Change Priorities #2 Expanded my prayer time #3 I began praying for our missionaries #4 He drew me into more intimacy with Him. More praise and thanks, giving first before praying for needs. #5 More focused prayer instead of general prayer. #6 Took more time to hear from Him. #7 He showed me that my prayer time had become more ME centered, my family my little world, instead of what mattered to Him. – Female 49


//Note: This one involves someone who is diabetic. Anytime someone has a health restriction they are advised to speak to their Doctor first. What happens with this person, may not happen with everyone. That’s why in these cases a partial fast or what is called a “Daniel” fast may be in order.

For the past few years I have wanted to fast with the Church but wasn’t able to because of my diabetes. This year I just felt so strongly that the Lord was telling me to fast and it would be okay. For the first two days I juiced instead of eating and it went well. The third day I had one smoothie and that’s all. These last two days however I haven’t eaten or juiced at all and I feel great! For the whole time I haven’t used my insulin at all and kept a close eye on my sugar, testing it very often. My numbers have been excellent! This has been such a blessing to be able to join in the fasting and get closer to my Lord. I also have to say, I get so much more done when I am not obsessing about what I can and cannot or will be eating. I need to add that my prayers during the fast have seemed so much stronger and more led by the Holy Spirit than ever before. – Female 39


I think that the main thing God showed me and reinforced my understanding in, is that I need to increasingly walk by faith, not by sight [II Cor. 5:7]. That my faith is often weak and needs to increase and deepen. In particular, through adversity and difficulty. And, in times of struggle and dryness, Jesus can bring forth life and a newness unto His glory [Ezekiel 37]. –Male 37


The Lord led me to read Nehemiah and He spoke to me through the verses that reflected on having a genuine heart for repentance (Ch 1.4-9) and to have a true knowledge and intimate relationship with Him in fear of His might (Ch 1.10, 11). To seek His will (Ch 2.4) and rely on His strength for victory (Ch 2.8c & 2.20). – Anonymous


It’s the first time i have ever intentionally gone without a meal. I mean it’s been so intense, I didn’t realize how much I would struggle. I was really wanting to eat and I’m sure I heard the Lord say to me, “do you miss me that much when you go with out me for a while?” It was so loving, but so convicting. Jesus used it to make me more sensitive to my spiritual hunger. –Male 21

Scott Gallatin

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