The Triumphant Entry

Yesterday we covered Jesus’ triumphant entry that was predicted by Zechariah in Chapter 9, verse 9. When the Israelis saw Jesus riding in on a mule they realized this was the day. The day declared in Psalm Γö¼├í118 “This is the day, we will rejoice and be glad in it” and so they quoted Psalm 118 “Save now!” They would have been counting the days from Gabriel’s announcement as recorded by Daniel in Chapter 9.25. From the time of the decree to build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince shall be 69 weeks of years or 490 years x 360 days/yr = 173,880 days. There were 3 major decrees given: 1st – Cyrus ordered Israel could go back and rebuild the altar (Ezra 1). 2nd – Artaxerxes ordered that they could establish worship (Ezra 7). But these 2 decrees don’t fit this prophecy. The 3rd decree is from Artaxerxes and told Nehemiah that he could go and build the city and the walls (Neh 2). This is the decree that fits. That said, there were a couple of people who noticed that I didn’t use the standard dates the we’ve become accustomed to using. Cudos to those sharp Bereans! Those dates are March 14th 445 B.C. and April 6th 32 A.D. which were found and we are forever grateful to Sir Γö¼├íRobert Anderson and his incredible work in his book “The Coming Prince”.


But I now use a different set of dates because of the great work done by Dr. Harold Hoehner of Dallas Theological Seminary in his book “Chronological Aspects Of The Life of Christ”.ChronAspectsLifeofChrist

Of course he stands on the shoulders of Sir Robert Anderson, but has made some minor corrections resulting in a start date of the decree at March 5th 444 B.C. and Jesus riding into Jerusalem at March 30th 33 A.D. Almost everyone who takes the Daniel 9 “Backbone Of Prophecy” literally, now agrees with Dr. Harold Hoehner. Γö¼├íIt doesn’t change the prophecy, we just now know that actual beginning and ending dates of Gabriel’s timetable for Daniel’s people. Γö¼├íMaranatha!

Scott Gallatin

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