Bad Moon Rising

This Sunday marks the convergence of many events. It’s like the age of Aquarius. It’s the first full Sunday of the NFL (Praise God!). But many are looking to it in a prophetical sense. The 4 blood moons have been given a lot of attention and the 4th is coming up later this month. Mark Biltz and John Hagee have written books on this. Jonathan Cahn has written 2 books that are fiction, but treated as Non-Fiction. His first was the “Harbinger” and his most recent is “The Mystery Of the Shemitah”. These books give an ominous outlook and even say that the end times are tied to these events. The end of Shemitah is this Sunday as Rosh Hashanah (“head of new year”) is Israel’s new years day beginning in the evening. On top of that, the 2nd Solar eclipse of this year (supposedly coinciding with Joel’s prophecy about the blood moon) happens that day. We will be covering it in a fairly detailed manner. Proverbs 18.17 says there’s always 2 sides to the story and that’s what we will do. Look at both sides. Honestly some of the hype and fear has caused me to remember the song “Bad Moon Rising” from Creedence Clearwater Revival. It’s a song about coming catastrophe. I’d rather put everyone’s attention towards looking for the any moment coming of the Prince of Peace. Maranatha!

Scott Gallatin

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