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Proverbs 18.17 says “He that is first in his own cause seems just; but his neighbor comes and searches him out.” Translation; There’s always 2 sides of the story. Here is the other side of the story and some problems with the 4 Blood Moons and the Mystery of the Shemitah. Here are the notes that people wanted.

Problems with the blood moons, the other side of the story:

  • #1 If they are a sign, then why arenΓÇÖt they visible to a good deal of the world? For instance. Israel/Mideast couldnΓÇÖt see the first three and they will only see the very beginning of the last one.
    • The Solar eclipse in March was only seen by a few thousand people on tiny islands in the north Atlantic and polar icecap. The one today is a partial one most wonΓÇÖt notice it at all.
  • #2 They are common. So common that you most likely will find some sort of significant historical even that coincides. There will be 85 in the 21st
  • #3 What about coinciding with these Festivals? Not surprising. This Jewish New Year will be 5775. Their calendar is based off of the lunar cycle, so itΓÇÖs no wonder. Passover and Tabernacles are always at full moon and 6 months apart.
  • When JoelΓÇÖs prophecy and Johns vision in Revelation is properly interpreted 3 things should be noted.
  • #4 First, you cannot with proper rules of interpretation say that it is 4 moons spread out over time. ItΓÇÖs 1 event.
  • #5 Also it is agreed that it is a supernatural event.
  • #6 They are SIMULTANEOUS. The sun and the moon turning as blood happen together.

Problems with the Shemitah, the other side of the story:

  • #1 ItΓÇÖs NOT a mystery! // 2 Peter 1.20 “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” Any time someone says they have NEW revelation, it should raise a red flag.
  • #2 How can you be a prophet when you are covering events in the past? ItΓÇÖs very easy to cherry pick certain events and leave others out.
  • #3 If economics were in a 7 year cycle economists would have figured this out and written about it long before he got is revelations.
  • #4 The Sabbath was given exclusively to Israel. There is NO Biblical support that God requires any other nation to adhere or impose a judgment for not giving the land a rest. He doesnΓÇÖt expect Upstate NY Farmers to do it! How would they know?
  • #5 During the 800 years of IsraelΓÇÖs existence God did NOT impose a Shemitah judgment until Babylon. We are barely over 200 years old.
    • Lets be clear they were judged for their abandonment of God, Idolatry but the length 70 years was based on the 70 ShemitahΓÇÖs they failed to observe.
  • #6 The Law was fulfilled by Jesus. Case closed.
  • #7 Its so America-Centric. What is supposed to happen to any other country? Middle Eastern or Northern African hostile to Jesus?
  • #8 It creates a fear in people and then others capitalize on it and sell survivalist supplies. Or make people into preppers. This goes right against Peter’s warnings in 2 Peter 2.3 about those who would “make merchandise of you.”

Again, no one argues that God judges nations or that he judges this nation. No one wants it. Of course repentance is in order, but that should be a daily consideration to be in a right relationship with God. If the market crashes, so be it. But it is NOT in any way connected to the Shemitah or the Blood moons. There is absolutely NO Biblical basis for it. Our Father takes care of the birds and he’ll take care of us. Rather we should be holding on to our Bibles as James said “as mirrors” and let the scriptures search us and focus on the Lord. Let him captivate our attention and his imminent return. Of course there is a shaking right now. What humanity needs is people that are not shaken and to the degree that the body is connected to the Head, we will be a resource of peace and stability. Maranatha!

Scott Gallatin

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  1. Scott,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this. I greatly appreciate your desire to remove those things that can cause fear in people. I’m even more thankful that you point them to the truth, following Christ, the “daily consideration to be in a right relationship with God”.

    Well said, and thank you.


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