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Month: December 2020

An important perspective on a vaccine.

An important perspective on a vaccine.

Here’s a great article from “Dr. Mike Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory, states that the drive for a universal vaccine has ‘the whiff of evil’ which he ‘will oppose … vigorously.’

I know, from my medical device industry background, I’ve been concerned about short cutting the Quality Assurance process a couple of times. First for the way the testing (PCR) were rushed, and now for the vaccine.

He says there’s no need for a rushed vaccine, the pandemic is over.

Here’s the video version.

Enjoy! Maranatha!

Some news sources

Some news sources

Here’s a list of some trusted news sites I go to that are reliable. Again, you have to go outside of what’s offered on TV and mainstream.

The Epoch Times This has been really beneficial this year. Lot’s of pro’s and I don’t really have any cons.

The Federalist I’ve have used this for years. Some really good thorough and thought provoking articles.

The Stream I have used this for years as well. Although you’ll have some Catholic writers and content, you’ll also have protestant contributors and content as well. It’s usually has a pretty good Biblical world view. Every once in a while (very rare) I might spit out a bone or two, but there’s been a lot of meat that I’ve enjoyed.

ynetnews This is my primary news source for Israel. I might read a headline about Israel from another source such as the Jerusalem Post or Haaretz but I go to ynet to get a better perspective.

Lifesitenews This is a good site for all things that advocate for the unborn. Both state legislation and court cases being decided.

I’ll be adding to this list over time. Maranatha!

My news sources and information.

My news sources and information.

Many in the body have been asking what sources of information I use. That’s a great question. There are several people I respect like guest speakers at our conferences and I have asked them that very question. So over the years I have accumulated various sources. In the coming days and weeks I’ll be using this site to post the credible, reliable information I’m taking in to make decisions for the Church. You can make your own decisions but I believe I owe it to the body of Christ so they have all of the information. I’ve been passing these things on to the pastors, staff and elders all this year. I believe this is important because as 1 John says “the whole world is under the influence of the wicked one.” I’m not that old, but I can’t remember a time where it’s getting hard to get to the truth. As Isaiah said “Truth has fallen in the streets.” It’s as if Truth was personified as our champion, and what can we do if our champion has died? Now more than ever people need trusted sources.

I don’t have the gift to write, and I’m not particularly the best with grammar. So please forgive my spelling and grammar errors, I’ll do my best. Remember you can submit comments to each post. I’d love to interact with you!

Again, I’m trying to get this site going and there are some things I need to resolve before I begin posting things. Hang in there, be patient.