Misquoting Truth


Misquoting Truth was written by Timothy Paul Jones. It is “A guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus”. Bart Ehrman’s book was quickly a bestseller, released in late 2005. Bart Ehrman is a renowned New Testament scholar but also a very staunch atheist of rock star fame. He is the department head of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina. He once made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, but sadly that is not the case today. Timothy Paul Jones is a professor and associate vice president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mr. Jones does great job to not only show Mr. Ehrman’s mistakes but also fortifies the authority and reliability of the inspired word of God. It is an easy and quick read, but solid in it’s content. I recommend it for anyone wanting to fortify their thinking in this area of Apologetics. Maranatha!