Expository Preaching is a bad idea

Expository preaching is a bad idea. Nobody today is interested in the “Jebusites”. Stay out of the O.T. Pastor, you will bore people to death. That’s is a mentality today, but it isn’t new. There is nothing new under the Sun. That was being promoted by Pastor Harry Fosdick at Union Theological Seminary early in the 20th Century. This was part of the “Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy”. I listened to this when Al Mohler first taught this 3.5 years ago, and it is fantastic. A brief history of preaching in Pietism, Revivalism, Pragmatism, Liberalism, Existentialism, and Consumerism. This not only helps Pastors and the Church understand what is supposed to be the goal of Preaching/Teaching, but also helps to encourage the Pastor that he is doing the right thing. Too many times, Pastors are convinced that it isn’t working, and therefore need to do something different, or try something new. I can’t say enough how beneficial this is and I hope you enjoy it too. Maranatha!

Scott Gallatin

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