SOM 2021 Graduation

SOM 2021 Graduation

2021 SOM Students
2021 SOM & Pastor Tony

The School of Ministry (SOM) as the name implies is geared towards ministry. Yes the students get the whole Bible, yes they get principles in ministry and of course they get missions. But there’s a heavy emphasis on serving others, on being a servant. By having it at the Church, they get a lot of hands on practical experience. We let them visit other Calvary’s so they can see the variation within the model.

This year was a miraculous year. Last August, the state was in chaos with regards to schools, policy and procedure regarding COVID. How should we operate? Can we operate? Will we have any students enroll? What if we have to shutdown a month later? There was more uncertainty than certainty. But we give credit where credit is due, the Lord kept us going and we made it to the finish line. These kids were great to have around for these last couple of years and they’ll be missed.

But they go back to their states and Churches, ready to serve the Lord Jesus and His body. I had to include a picture of Pastor Tony, our missions pastor who oversees the SOM. He’s been there for about 28 years, lately he’s been battling cancer and you just can’t keep him down. He had laid his whole life down and is the epitome of sacrifice. I so love and respect him.

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