After we finished at Leket. We took the team to Joppa. That’s where Jonah caught a one way ticket to Nineveh. I mean, he didn’t think he was going there, but God changed the itinerary on him. Also my favorite, the story of Dorcas being raised from the dead. Of course, it’s where Simon the tanners house is. That’s where the Lord arranged for Peter to meet Cornelius the centurion, and for Cornelius to be saved. It’s the beginning of the gospel going to the Gentiles. It’s ground zero for us gentiles. Pastor Tony taught a great Bible study in Acts 10. Then they had a great lunch.

At Jaffa, or Joppa.
Trying their first Jihad Java. I can’t remember if they were smiling after they drank it.

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  1. I’m blessed to read about the blessings of this trip for thr ministry students and teachers!
    Still blessed from those same student serving with such hearts of love for the Lord at Shepherd School too!
    Eyes on Jesus!

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