Some news sources

Some news sources

Here’s a list of some trusted news sites I go to that are reliable. Again, you have to go outside of what’s offered on TV and mainstream.

The Epoch Times This has been really beneficial this year. Lot’s of pro’s and I don’t really have any cons.

The Federalist I’ve have used this for years. Some really good thorough and thought provoking articles.

The Stream I have used this for years as well. Although you’ll have some Catholic writers and content, you’ll also have protestant contributors and content as well. It’s usually has a pretty good Biblical world view. Every once in a while (very rare) I might spit out a bone or two, but there’s been a lot of meat that I’ve enjoyed.

ynetnews This is my primary news source for Israel. I might read a headline about Israel from another source such as the Jerusalem Post or Haaretz but I go to ynet to get a better perspective.

Lifesitenews This is a good site for all things that advocate for the unborn. Both state legislation and court cases being decided.

I’ll be adding to this list over time. Maranatha!

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